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Yukon Guides

The Yukon represents 4.8% of Canada's total land area and is located north of the BC border, east of Alaska, and west of the border with NWT.

There is an excellent and diverse game population with moose, mountain caribou (23 separate herds), barren ground caribou, mountain sheep (fanin and Dall's) available for your adventure. There are also grizzly bears, black bears and wolves.

Blackstone Outfitters Ltd.

CaribouDall SheepFanin SheepGrizzly BearMooseWolfWolverine

Jim Fink

Box 7, Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y1
306-236-2131 Fax: 306-236-2133

Bonnet Plume OUtfitters (1989) Ltd.

CaribouDall SheepGrizzly BearMooseWolfWolverine

Chris Mckinnon

Box 89, Calling Lake, AB T0G 0K0
780-331-2440 Fax: 780-331-2441

Ceaser Lake Outfitters

Black BearCaribouDall SheepGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseWolfWolverine

Joel Wilkinson

Box 228, Watson Lake, YT Y0A 1C0
867-335-1211 Fax: 867-536-2174

Dickson Outfitters Ltd.

Black Bear Dall Sheep Grizzly Bear Moose Wolf Wolverine

David Dickson

5 Marion Crescent, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5S4
867-633-5456 Fax: 867-633-5456

MacMillan River Adventures

Black BearCaribouGrizzly BearMooseStone SheepWolfWolverine

Don Lind

Box 458, High Prarie, AB T0G 1E0
780-523-4455 Cell: 780-536-5554

Mervyn's Yukon Outfitting

Black BearBisonCaribouDall SheepGrizzly BearMooseWolfWolverine

Tim Mervyn

Box 33036, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5Y5
867-633-6188 Fax: 867-633-5070

NorthCurl Outfitters

Stone SheepCaribouGrizzly BearMooseWolfWolverine

Mac Watson

SS 2 Site 26 Comp 17
Fort St John, BC V1J 4M7

Trophy Stone Outfitting

CaribouGrizzly BearMooseStone SheepWolf

Dean Sandulak

Box 33142, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 6S1
867-667-6337 Fax: 867-667-6340

Widrig Outfitters (1997) Ltd.

Stone SheepCaribouCaribouGrizzly BearMooseWolfWolverine

Chris Widrig

139 Falaise Road
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 3C8


CaribouGrizzly BearMooseStone Sheep

Shawn Raymond

Box 38, Whitehorse, YT WA Y1A 5X9
Tel: 250-264-2512

Yukon Stone Outfitting

Black BearCaribouGrizzly BearMooseStone SheepWolfWolverine

Craig Kiselbach

Box 30177, Whitehorse, YT, Canada Y1A 5M2
250-442-3575 Cell: 250-442-7103

Species Key

Black Bear Black Bear
Bobcat Bobcat
Bison Bison
Caribou Caribou
Cougar Cougar
California Bighorn California Bighorn
Coyote Coyote
Deer Deer
Dall Sheep Dall Sheep
Elk Elk
Fanin Sheep Fanin Sheep
Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear
Mountain Goat Mountain Goat
Lynx Lynx
Moose Moose
Polar Bear Polar Bear
Roosevelt Elk Roosevelt Elk
Rocky Mtn. Bighorn Rocky Mtn. Bighorn
Shiras Moose Shiras Moose
Stone Sheep Stone Sheep
Saskatchewan Moose Saskatchewan Moose
Upland Birds Upland Birds
Waterfowl Waterfowl
Wolf Wolf
Wolverine Wolverine
Yukon Moose Yukon Moose