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Northern Guides

This is Arctic drainage, and the river systems of the Peace, Halfway, Sikanni, Prophet, Muskwa, Toad, Rabbit, Liard, Kechika, the Turnagain and the Gataga have long been favoured destinations for wilderness adventurers. Within this vast area, sportsmen are able to pursue the majestic stone sheep in the mountainous terrain north of the Peace River; while Rocky Mountain bighorns are well established among the mountains of the Alberta/BC border. Moose, mule deer, wolf, grizzly and black bear are harvested throughout most of the areas.

Alpine Valley Outfitters

Black Bear Deer Elk Grizzly Bear Moose

Steven Yanish

1465 McDonald Street
Regina, SK S4N 2Y2
Tel: 360-621-7982


Besa River Outfitters Ltd.

Black BearBisonCaribouCougarDeerElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatLynxMooseStone SheepWolfWolverine

Endre Pipics

10327 Fernie Road Deroche BC V0M 1G0


Bullhead Mountain Outfitting

Black BearCougarElk Grizzly Bear Mountain Goat Lynx Moose Stone Sheep Wolf Wolverine

Steve Fiarchuk

PO Box 338, Hudson's Hope BC V0C 1V0
Tel: 250-783-5339 Fax: 250-783-5339


Dean keitsch


Dean Keitsch

9500 Finn Road, Richmond BC V7A 2L4
Tel: 778-835-4460



Dunedin River Outfitters Ltd.

Black BearCaribouCougarDeerElkGrizzly BearLynxMooseStone SheepWolfWolverine

Frank Mueller

Box 31608, Whitehorse YK Y1A 6L2
Tel: 867-660-4073

Folding Mountain Outfitters

Black BearElk Grizzly Bear Lynx Moose Stone Sheep Wolf

Blair Miller

Box 6730, Mile 149, Alaska Highway
Toad River BC V0C 2X0
Tel: 250-232-5451

FreDlund Guide Service

Black BearDeerElkGrizzly BearMooseStone SheepWolf

Aaron Fredlund

PO Box 1392, Tumbler Ridge BC V0C 2W0
Tel: 403-638-1368 Fax: 250-242-3669

Full curl stone outfitters

Black BearCaribouElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone SheepWolf

Tim Erickson

Site 1 Box 59 RR 1,
Cochrane, Alberta,
T4C 1A1
Tel: 403-638-7825

grizzly outfitters

Black BearElkGrizzly BearLynxMooseWolfWolverine

Phil Gillis

Box 1684 Fort Nelson BC V0C 1R0
Tel: 250-774-6307 Cell: 613-274-3505
Fax: 250-774-3100

Gundahoo River Outfitters inc.

Black BearCaribouElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone SheepWolf

Arthur Thompson

Box 449, Caroline AB T0M 0M0
Tel: 403-722-4152 Cell: 403-358-0327


Black BearCaribouMountain GoatGrizzly BearMooseStone SheepWolf

Jason Gunson

Box 55, Vonda SK S0K 4N0
Tel: 250-500-2717

Horseshoe Creek Outfitters ltd.

Black BearCougarDeerElkGrizzly BearLynxMooseWolf

Ray Jackson

Box 518, Hudson’s Hope BC V0C 1V0
Tel/Fax: 250-783-5220

kwadacha outfitters

CaribouGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone Sheep

Luke Vince

Box329, Hudson’s Hope BC V0C 1V0
Tel/Fax: 587-988-2930

liard river adventures

Black BearCaribouElkGrizzly BearMooseWolf

Chris Schippmann

RR#1, Site 15, Comp. 92
Fort St. John BC V1J 4M6
Tel: 250-630-2704 Cell: 778-786-0854

mcgregor river outfitters

Black BearGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseWolf

Eric Hanson

Box 1885 Stn. A Prince George BC V2L 5E3
Tel: 250-963-0262 Fax: 250-963-0233

Pine river outfitters

Black BearCougarDeerGrizzly BearMountain GoatElkMooseWolf

Tom Benzinger

Box 328 Moberly Lake BC V0C 1X0
Tel: 250-401-7178

prophet muskwa Outfitters

Black BearBisonCaribouDeerDall SheepElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatLynxMooseStone SheepWolf

Sean Olmstead

Box 6677, Fort St. John BC V1J 4J1
Tel: 250-789-9494 Fax: 250-789-3282

Scoop lake outfitters (1997) ltd

Black BearCaribouElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone SheepWolf

Darwin Cary

5615 Deadpine Dr, Kelowna BC V1P 1A3
Tel/Fax: 250-491-1885 Camp: 250-469-9597

Sikanni river outfitters inc

Black BearBisonCaribouElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone SheepWolfWolverine

Mike Hammett

171 Road, Box 11, Pink Mountain BC V0C 2B0
Tel: 250-412-5209 Cell: 250-261-3878

Stone mountain safaris ltd.

Black BearCaribouElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone SheepWolf

Leif Olsen

Box 7870, Toad River BC V0C 2X0
Tel: 250-232-5469 Fax: 250-984-7517

Terminus Mountain Outfitters

Black Bear Caribou Cougar Deer Elk Grizzly Bear Lynx Moose Stone Sheep Wolf

Dale Drinkall

Box 27, Mile 422, Alaska Highway
Toad River BC V0C 2X0
Tel: 250-232-5451 Fax: 250-232-5009

Tracks bc / high prairie outfitters

Black BearCougarDeerElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatLynxMooseWolf

Gary Drinkall

Box 2215, Chetwynd BC V0C 1J0
Tel: 250-788-2115 Fax: 250-788-2194

tuchodi river outfitters ltd.

Black BearCaribouElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone SheepWolfWolverine

Larry Warren

Box 59, Hudson’s Hope BC V0C 1V0
Tel: 250-483-4039 Cell: 250-263-4526
Fax: 250-984-7452

wild rose operating ltd / pink mountain outfitters

Black BearElkGrizzly BearLynxMooseWolfWolverine

Lloyd Clark

Box 29, Alder Flats AB T0C 0A0
Tel: 780-388-2205 Fax: 780-388-3801

Species Key

Black Bear Black Bear
Bobcat Bobcat
Bison Bison
Caribou Caribou
Cougar Cougar
California Bighorn California Bighorn
Coyote Coyote
Deer Deer
Dall Sheep Dall Sheep
Elk Elk
Fanin Sheep Fanin Sheep
Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear
Mountain Goat Mountain Goat
Lynx Lynx
Moose Moose
Polar Bear Polar Bear
Roosevelt Elk Roosevelt Elk
Rocky Mtn. Bighorn Rocky Mtn. Bighorn
Shiras Moose Shiras Moose
Stone Sheep Stone Sheep
Saskatchewan Moose Saskatchewan Moose
Upland Birds Upland Birds
Waterfowl Waterfowl
Wolf Wolf
Wolverine Wolverine
Yukon Moose Yukon Moose