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Northern Central Guides

This is the heart of British Columbia's moose country. Approximately 4,000 moose are harvested annually here in this outstanding moose habitat. Two-year-old bulls that produce 400 pounds of dressed meat and mature bulls with antler spreads measuring over 55 inches are becoming common. Black bear and grizzly are common in the mountainous areas; as are mountain goat, mountain caribou, stone sheep; and in some instances, bighorn sheep and elk.

Anzac Wilderness outfitters

Black BearGrizzly BearMooseWolf

Lloyd Weaver

2440 Westview
Spearfish SD 57783
Tel: 605-641-1966

Bar wk ranch & outfitters

Black BearElkDeerGrizzly BearMountain GoatMoose

Warren Bryanton

General Delivery
Crescent Spur BC V0J 3E0
Tel: 250-553-2355 and

Bc big game adventures ltd.

Black BearGrizzly BearMountain GoatMoose

Tim Cushman

Box 25, Wells BC V0J 2H0
Tel: 250-983-9558

BC Guide Outfitters

Black BearDeerGrizzly BearElkMooseWolf

Mark Werner

Box 10127, Prince George BC V2K 5Y1
Tel: 250-964-4241

bear paw guides & outfitters

Black BearCaribouGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseWolfWolverine

Dennis Smith

Box 354, Chetwynd BC V0C 1J0
Tel: 250-788-2569

Bowron River Guiding

Black BearGrizzly BearMoose

Scott Pichette

Box 140, Willow River BC V0J 3C0
Tel: 250-963-9612 Fax: 250-963-9617


circle m outfitters

Black BearCaribouGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseWolf

Fraser Macdonald

Spruceland RPO PO Box 21058
Prince George BC V2M 7A5
Tel: 250-560-5311 Cell: 250-517-0410

Claw Mountain Outfitters

Black BearCaribouGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone SheepWolf

Richard Solmonson

32650 Chief Lake Rd,
Prince George, BC V2K 5L3
Tel: 250-483-4032

Driftwood Valley outfitters Ltd.

Black BearCougarGrizzly BearMountain GoatLynxMooseWolfWolverine

Michael Schneider

Box 405,
Prince George BC V2L 4S2
Tel: 250-964-0511 Cell: 250-961-2079
Fax: 250-964-0512


Black BearCaribouDeerElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseWolfWolverine

Jonny Fehr

Box 811 Charlie Lake, BC V0C 1H0
Tel: 250-261-2711 Cell: 250-793-6224

finlay river outfitters ltd.

Black BearCaribouDeerElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone SheepWolfWolverine

Jordy Mcauley

Box 1235, Mackenzie BC V0J 2C0
Tel: 250-483-3857 / 250-997-9004
Fax: 250-997-3000

Hallet Lake outfitters ltd.

Black BearDeerElkGrizzly BearLynxMooseWolfWolverine

Ray Allen

Box 53, Fort Fraser BC V0J 1N0
Tel: 250-690-7204 Cell: 250-570-9037
Fax: 250-690-7705


Inzana Outfitters

Black BearDeerElkGrizzly BearMooseWolfWolverine

Paul Trepus

14155 Allison Crescent,
Prince George BC V2N 5B2
Tel: 250-964-2257

Larry Erickson's Alpine outfitters

Black BearCaribouDeerGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseWolf

Larry Erickson

General Delivery, Manson Creek BC, V0J 2H0
Tel: 206-201-2465


Northern Interior outfitting

Black BearElkGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseWolf

Tyler Beach

330 - 500 Victoria Street
Prince George, BC V2L 2J9
Tel: 406-531-8441

Omineca Guide & Outfitters

Black Bear Grizzly Bear Moose Wolf

Frank Badey

1171 Jarvis Street,
Prince George BC V2M 4J3
Tel: 250-649-0340

opatcho lake guide outfitters

Black BearCougarDeerElkGrizzly BearMooseWolf

Ken Watson

12105 Wilan Road, Prince George
BC V2N 5A6
Tel/Fax: 250-964-6543

pelly lake wilderness outfitters ltd.

Black BearCaribouGrizzly BearMountain GoatMooseStone SheepWolf

Dennis LeVeque

5565 Salmon Valley Rd,
Prince George BC V2K 5W2
Tel: 406-866-3180


pitka mountain outfitters ltd.

Black BearDeerGrizzly BearMooseWolf

Colonel Anderson

Box 42, Fort Fraser BC V0J 1N0
Tel/Fax: 250-690-7406


Robson valley Guide Outfitters Ltd.

Black BearCougarDeerElkMountain GoatGrizzly BearLynxMooseWolf

Page Norton

Box 967 McBride BC V0J 2E0
Tel: 250-567-7280

Sentinel mountain safaris

Black BearDeerElkGrizzly BearLynxMooseWolfWolverine

Stephen Saunders

Box 1837, Bear Lake BC V0J 3G0
Tel: 250-965-7788 Fax: 250-965-7710



Grizzly Bear Mountain Goat Moose Stone Sheep Wolf

Luke Gleeson

Box 18 Tsay Keh BC V0J 3N0
Tel: 250-993-2127

Two Rivers guide outfitters

Black BearDeerElkMooseWolf

Alfred Schneider

35800 W.Lake-Fraser River Road
Prince George BC V2N 6H1
Tel: 250-960-9490


Vince Lorenz Outfitting

Black BearDeerelkGrizzly BearMooseWolf

Vince Lorenz

Box 786, McBride, BC V0J 3E0
Tel: 250-961-9136


Wayne mueller guide & Outfitters

Black BearDeerGrizzly BearMooseWolf

Wayne Mueller

Sinclair Mills BC V0J 3M0
Tel: 250-966-2338 Fax: 250-966-2339


Species Key

Black Bear Black Bear
Bobcat Bobcat
Bison Bison
Caribou Caribou
Cougar Cougar
California Bighorn California Bighorn
Coyote Coyote
Deer Deer
Dall Sheep Dall Sheep
Elk Elk
Fanin Sheep Fanin Sheep
Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear
Mountain Goat Mountain Goat
Lynx Lynx
Moose Moose
Polar Bear Polar Bear
Roosevelt Elk Roosevelt Elk
Rocky Mtn. Bighorn Rocky Mtn. Bighorn
Shiras Moose Shiras Moose
Stone Sheep Stone Sheep
Saskatchewan Moose Saskatchewan Moose
Upland Birds Upland Birds
Waterfowl Waterfowl
Wolf Wolf
Wolverine Wolverine
Yukon Moose Yukon Moose