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Listed below are some Hunts that have been posted by Hunters looking to find their Dream Hunt. You can add your Dream Hunt by clicking on the link above which will take you to where you can fill out the form. Guide Outfitters who match your criteria or have an opening for your type of hunt will contact you.

Moose for 4-5 Hunter(s)

Hunt Species: Moose
Hunter Name: Zeb
Number of Hunters: 4-5
Budget Estimate (US): $4000 a person
Hunt Date: Sept or Oct of 2019
Country: United States

One hunter doesn’t fly so a camp with drive in, boat in and fly in options is desirable. Hiking long distances to hunt, spike camps, tent camps, etc… all okay. Looking for an outfitter with no previous history of fish and game violations. Would rather spend our time hunting hard vs skirting the edges of legality. Having an archery option is must. Budget wise we are willing to pay a little more if the success rate is 90%+.

Wolf for 1 Hunter(s)

Hunt Species: Wolf
Hunter Name: Baisong
Number of Hunters: 1
Budget Estimate (US): 3000
Hunt Date: Feb or Early March 2018
Country: United States

We have a hunter, a translator and an entourage.

Caribou for 1 Hunter(s)

Hunt Species: Caribou
Hunter Name: Randy
Number of Hunters: 1
Budget Estimate (US): $13,000
Hunt Date: Sept/2019
Country: USA

Looking for a true wilderness 1:1 horseback hunt for caribou and moose. The experience of the hunt and the beauty of the country is as important as the the size of the animals.

Elk for 1-3 Hunter(s)

Hunt Species: Elk
Hunter Name: Wellington “Bob”
Number of Hunters: 1-3
Budget Estimate (US): current market price
Hunt Date: Fall of 2018 or 2019
Country: USA

Rifle hunts. Close enough to Washington State to allow reasonable driving time with gear and return with meat. Would like to harvest a deer or bear as a second animal.

Mountain Goat for 2 Hunter(s)

Hunt Species: Mountain Goat
Hunter Name: Torben
Number of Hunters: 2
Budget Estimate (US): market price
Hunt Date: April 2018
Country: Denmark

We wish a farther / daughter hunt for Mountain Goat not far from Vancouver. My daughter is present studying at UBC Vancouver and will finish university beginning April 2018 – After her degree we want to go hunting together before return to Denmark

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