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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You say Hunt Finder™ is free. What's the catch?

There's no catch. Hunt Finder™ is absolutely free. This is one way that we promote hunting in the Canadian northwest with a member of GOABC.

Q: I am looking for a combo hunt – how can I enter that?

We've included a comments box if there are extra details you want your potential outfitter to know. The comments box is the perfect place for details about your preferred weapon, other species of interest or any additional considerations.

Q: How many people will see my contact information?

Posting your hunt details and contact information will auto-generate an email to GOABC's members. This is approximately 170 members. Your information will not be released to any third parties.

Q: Why can't I login?

Only members of GOABC can login. If you have just made a posting, you can call GOABC at 604-541-6332 or email to make changes to it.

Q: How long will my hunt be posted for?

We usually leave postings for about 3 months. If you would like to mark yours as sold, please call 604-541-6332 or email

Q: Is there a deposit required once I accept an outfitter's offer?

Hunt Finder™ is a way to connect you with outfitters. Outfitters will have different deposit requirements. The GOABC does not get involved in deposits.

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What a great tool! Hunt Finder™ saved me tons of time gathering information for my next hunt!

- Bill, Oregon